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An Article on
Stage Make Up ______________________________________

As performers, stage makeup becomes a big part of our onstage image. We can use makeup to accentuate the facial characteristics, or to change a face entirely. Makeup is needed for stage presence and visibility of expression. Here are some tips for on stage dancers:

Dance makeup

  • No nail polish should be worn on stage.

  • For general ballet stage makeup; a bright red lipstick is necessary, any other color will get washed out. You can use red glitter on your lips as well.

  • Eyes need to be widened and enlarged in most ballets. The use of false eyelashes is a good way to bring them out.

  • spray glitter can be used on hair, it comes out as shine on the stage.

  • Be sure to follow the exact instructions of your choreographer when applying your own makeup. What looks like too much up close, is sometimes not enough for the stage.

  • Makeup needs to be worn to dress rehearsal for lighting and distance review…and for simple practice!

Dancers usually carry quite a makeup kit to performances. It is a good idea to buy all the emergency and preparation items beforehand, to assure everything runs smoothly.

Some items to include are:

Bobbie pins/hair accessories
Glitter for hair and body
Petroleum jelly for teeth
Hair curlers and/or hot iron
Safety pins and sewing kit
Double stick tape/glue
Bandaids and ointment
Copy of the edited stage music for practice
Extra pair of tights & pointe/jazz/tap shoes

ballerina backstage makeup

Performers put a lot into their dance preparation, so it’d be silly to have it all go awry over some sort of preparation issue! Stay on top of it and your last minutes back stage can be focused on your choreography instead of your mishaps.

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