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Dance Dads ______________________________

There Stood 25 Grown Men
Exclusive to by Ajay Singh

There stood twenty-five grown men, hearts pounding with anticipation, palms perspiring with gut wrenching thoughts of what was to occur in the agonizing moments ahead.  Close to a thousand people separated only by a fabric wall sat waiting on the other side.  They could hear muffled sounds from the spectators growing louder and louder until in mere seconds the wall lifted and bright lights cascaded upon the men leaving them stunned and unable to see a few feet ahead of them… 

“The thrill a professional sports team may face moments before game time” you may say but you’d be wrong.  These men faced a fear far more excruciating than any sporting activity in their lives…six weeks of practice, preparation and planning wouldn’t quite prepare them for what they were about to face…the annual Dad’s Dance at their child’s annual studio production. 

Now in its fourth year, the Dad’s Dance has grown to be a popular addition to the production at Academy For The Performing Arts in Moline, IL.  In its first year of inception the studio’s office staff secretly sent letters to all of the student’s fathers asking for their involvement in masterminding a surprise for their children.  They were asked to keep this information from their spouses and significant others as well.  That first Tuesday practice took place in the evening hours after the studio had completed its classes.  Tammy, the studio’s artistic director and owner walked into one of the studios to find over twenty grown men nervously backed up against the ballet barres looking as though they weren’t quite sure what they signed up for.  Each of these men had crafted an excuse for their families that would allow them time to slip away every Tuesday for 6 consecutive weeks in order to practice for 1 hours.  

That first night twenty-five men attempted to learn how to count eight counts the mathematical equivalent to calculus for most of them.  That first night they all came away with a new found appreciation for what their kids go through on a weekly basis. 

As the Dad’s Dance has evolved, it has grown to as many as thirty-four performers incorporating such stage props as a Dodge Prowler roadster used in a “Greased Lightening” themed production. 

The performance is situated to be second to last of all the numbers in the show, the last being the teacher’s dance.  As the fathers prepare and suit up the audience is treated to a large screen slide show of all the students in candid poses taken during rehearsal week.  The students are placed throughout the hall amongst the audience.  As the curtain goes up you can always count on a few students looking up on stage in total shock and amazement as they stare at their father performing.  Each year you can also count on a few more new dads signing up for next year’s show…after all how does a father respond when his daughter or son looks him in the eye and asks why he wasn’t on stage with the other dads?



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