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  • Student Classes: Each teacher is responsible for tracking attendance using the studio director app on the iPad in each room. PERFECT ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATES/MEDALS WILL BE AWARDED AT THE END OF THE SEASON, so keeping accurate track of attendance is very important! Keep your students interested in your classes! Please notify the office manager/administrator if a student is absent for 2 consecutive classes.

  • Adult Classes: Teachers are responsible for keeping track of attendance and keeping the adult students class interested. If no students show for your class, you will not be paid for that hour. Dance Fusion will promote your class as, of course, we want it to be successful! But you must promote your adult classes as well to keep them filled and on your schedule!


Dance Fusion’s policy on discipline is to use positive reinforcement at all times possible. When trying to discourage undesirable behavior, it really does help to use praise, encouragement, compliments, and enthusiasm when the student is behaving well in order to get more good behavior. If your attempts to use positivity do not work, count 3 strikes and then the student should be removed to the lobby and the parents should be called by office manager.

Grounds for Dismissal Policy:

Every student is expected to behave in a disciplined, responsible, and courteous manner when on Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio grounds, and when participating in studio activities and performances. There is a no tolerance policy with students involved in or having on the premises any alcohol, drugs, substances, vapes, or conducting themselves or contributing to inappropriate behavior in the studio or at any studio related event.


Inappropriate, intimidating or bullying social media posts, texts, pictures, or interactions occurring during studio time or relating to studio events or directed to or by students or parents will not be tolerated and violators will be subjected to suspension or expulsion as determined by Dance Fusion Administration. Any and all incidents should be reported immediately to Dance Fusion Administration.


Dance Fusion Administration reserves the right to suspend or expel any student at any time if his or her attitude, conduct, language, appearance, attendance, payment record or the like has been determined unsatisfactory. Any consistently disruptive or inappropriate conduct or behavior will be grounds for expulsion at the discretion of Dance Fusion Administration. In the event of an expulsion, all tuition and/or recital monies paid to Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio will be forfeited.

Early is On Time,
On Time is Late,
& Late is Unacceptable!


  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your first class time and check in at the studio desk to let the office manager you are present and collect any messages, handouts or information needed for your class. Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and Late is Unacceptable!

  • START and END your classes ON TIME! Students should be moving within 5 minutes of the class start time and should be exiting the room within 1 minute of the end time.

  • Be prepared with your music, warm up, progressions and center combinations for each class.

  • Do not sit on the floor to teach your class. There are stools in each of the classrooms. They are intended for occasional breaks, not for sitting and teaching a whole class. Please be attentive while sitting.

  • If you move an item from one classroom to another, you are responsible for returning it back to its proper location. (Mats, Balance Beam, Portable Barre, etc.)

  • If you are the last person to use a studio for the evening, please:

    • Turn off the lights, including the stage lighting in Studio D

    • Turn off the fans

    • Turn off the speakers and other sound equipment

    • Prop open the studio door to ensure it airs out for the next day

  • If you are the last to leave Dance Fusion for the evening, please make sure:

    • All students have been picked up (check bathrooms)

    • Front door is locked


All staff must park at the rear of the building and use the employee entrance. The spots on the entrance side and rear of the building are reserved for our customers.


  • Staying on schedule with the studio is very important. You are responsible for getting your classes covered for any day you are absent. Please keep day off requests/missed work days to the bare minimum.

  • If you are sick and are unable to work, please let me know at least 5 hours prior to your first class. Even in the case of illness, it is your responsibility to get your classes covered. We do not cancel classes for teacher absences.

  • In case of inclement weather, please call the studio phone or check the stormcenter website after 1pm to see if classes will be held. Do not contact the studio owner or office manager prior to 1pm. WWW.WFMZ.COM

  • Independent contractors will be compensated for all classes you teach. You will not be compensated for sick or snow days.


If a parent approaches you with a question that can be answered with information from the Parent / Student Handbook, then by all means, answer it. If you cannot answer the question, here are the preferred responses:


"I'm not sure, let me find out the answer and I'll get back to you."


"Our Office Administrator, Solange, can probably answer that question for you. If she is not at the desk, it's best to leave a note in the tuition box or send her an email at and she will get back to you within 1 business day."