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Keeping Performing Alive: An Innovative Approach To Live Performances During The Pandemic

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

You step onto the stage. The energy from the audience fills your soul. The lights fade up, and when the music begins, you feel that rush of adrenaline that makes you feel... ALIVE!

One of the best parts of being a dancer, hands down, is being able to share your energy by performing in front of a live audience... and the bigger the audience, the bigger the RUSH! But how can we plan to keep the art of live performing alive while staying safe during this global pandemic? Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio has a pandemic proof solution to keeping our dancers spirits soaring! When gathering over a thousand people in one place to watch us perform isn't possible, we need to get creative. This season, we will start by showcasing our dancers in smaller, more intimate performances, right here at home in our amazing studio theater.

Intimate, In-House Performances

Performing in front of a live audience is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had.  The way your nerves run through your body as you stand in darkness waiting is something only a performer can understand.  The lengthy rehearsals, sore muscles, and exhaustion put forth into the brief dance piece always makes it worthwhile in the end.  That kind of discipline can’t be taught through school books or lectures.  It’s the passion and dedication of the arts that makes those sudden moments electrifying." - Miss Brittany Hercik , Acrobatics & Fusion2 Dance Company Instructor, Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio

After running Dance Fusion for 10 years, it was time to move onto a bigger, better facility. Having a space to hold in-house performances was a huge dream of mine so when I was designing Dance Fusion 2.0 (as one of our students, Brianna Andersen likes to call it) a studio space that doubled as a black box theater was high on the list. That's why our "Studio D" is equipped with two exit doors that can be used as stage wings, stage lighting controlled by a light board, performance quality sound and giant roll up, garage-type doors that can open the space to give room for audience seating. Our intimate theater seats up to 120 people.

We are so excited to be bringing our first big production home this season! Stay tuned to this recital/performance blog to stay up to date with what’s new and exciting at Dance Fusion!

“There are a million stars in the sky and one does not out shine the other. They all shine together just as bright.” - Mr. Samuel Reyes, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Fusion instructor, Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studi.

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