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Performance Costume, Hair & Make Up


ONLY costume pieces, tights, shoes, hair accessories, and undergarments approved by the director may be worn for performances. No nail polish on fingers or toes, jewelry of any kind, or underwear may be worn under any costume. Only nude bras or nude camisole leotards with clear straps may be worn. Flesh tone leotards may be ordered through Dance Fusion.  All dancers will be inspected before performing. A professional look is a MUST. 

Costumes must be wrinkle free for performances. There is a professional steamer here at the studio that you may use, or you may run the shower on hot water to fill the bathroom with steam and hang costume in bathroom and allow the steam to remove wrinkles. If ironing is needed, turn costume inside out and use ONLY THE LOWEST setting on the iron. Please be VERY careful with your costumes. The costumes and accessories cannot be replaced. Keep everything in a waterproof garment bag labeled with your name, phone number, and address. Each costume piece should be labeled with your name as well. 


To achieve our professional look for performing, all hair styles MUST be secured tightly, NO EXCEPTIONS. Performance Hair For All Classes: Two French Braids into a Bun. Make sure that hair is slicked back without any loose, flyaway pieces, using matching hair band, and bobby pins. Take extra care to secure braids into a bun that will stay in. Hair Example For All Classes: *Creative Movement & KinderDance hairstyle may vary. Check with your instructor for hair instructions.

Here's a tutorial for performance day hair:


Younger Students: Stage lighting will wash out your child’s face. Please apply rose-colored blush and lipstick to avoid a washed out appearance on stage. The make-up will be visible in regular light but should appear normal under stage lighting.

Older Students: Select a foundation either the same, or a slightly darker shade than your normal skin tone. Apply loose powder to face. Add blush. It should be a deep terra cotta color or a deep pink (no light colors). Make it slightly curve up along the *apple*. For eye shadow, use only browns and tans, NO purple or pink or blue! Apply a medium color to the bottom and use a lighter color on top. If it looks like one color, add a little white to the lighter color. Apply dark brown or black eyeliner about 2 mm high to the top lid, 1 mm to the bottom. Add dark brown or black Mascara. Use neutral red toned lipstick. Line the lips with a similar color to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. This is the only make-up that is acceptable for performances.

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