Winter Video Production

Some of us will be filming our first pieces on this Saturday, November 7th!  The weather is looking BEAUTIFUL!   I am so happy we took the gamble on pushing it into the November weather. The only groups recording this weekend is the Fusion2 Ensemble  [Thursday 6:30-8:30] , Contemporary IV/V [Wednesday 7:30-8:30 Mr. James] and Gabby (The Little Match Girl) from our intermediate group.  The rest of you are just getting this information so that you understand all of the elements of our Winter project.

Here are all of the details again:

Location: Lock Ridge Park 525 Franklin St. Alburtis, PA 18011


Dress Rehearsal & Staging: Fusion2 9:00-11:00am, Contemporary IV/V 10:30-11:00  Rehearsal will start promptly at 9:00am so please arrive in enough time to meet up in the parking lot off of Franklin Street at 9:00.

11:00 am - "Alaska" - Wednesday 6:30 Contemporary Mr. James  11:20 am  - Little Match Girl - "Father/Girl Scene"                                                 "Cold Out There"                                                 "Death of The Girl" 12:30 pm - Little Match Girl - "Angel/Girl Duet"

Costuming:  For all pieces- Blues, greys, dark pedestrian "winter" clothing that you can move in.  Please remember to bring a scarf.  The scarves will serve as your masks.  Wear shoes that you can dance in that are not sneakers.  We are going for a more vintage look with clothing and shoes, Boots, leather shoes, etc... We may just end up using black jazz shoes so bring those as well and bring an extra pair if you have more than one.

Hair:  2 French Braids into a Bun Stage Makeup:  As usual.  Remember there will be closeups on faces! Bring: WATER!!  ...and a snack if you think you'll need one.  

You may leave after your part is finished being filmed.  Most of you will be done by 12:30pm. 

All other pieces will be filmed on December 3 & 4 at the studio.  Since we are filming outside, parents are welcome to come and watch but please remember to stay out of the way of the filming and keep talking to a minimum.  We can always use help from parents when we are off-site.

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