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*Tuition can either be paid in full at the beginning of the season or split up into 10 equal monthly payments, paid by auto-debit on the first of every month.  

2023-24 PERFORMANCE FEES:  A non-refundable $100 performance fee for the first class in which each student is enrolled which is due at the time of registration.  For subsequent classes, an additional non-refundable $100 fee will be applied for each additional class in which each student is enrolled which can be paid in full either before October 1st or by automatic debit by bank or credit card 2 equal payments along with October and November Tuition.  These per class performance fees include performance expenses for all shows, including all costume rentals, extra rehearsals, performance space rental for rehearsals (if necessary).   We present two performances each season, typically in December and June.

PLEASE NOTE:  All costumes are borrowed and returned to our stock for the 2023-24 Season. This fee does not include any undergarments such as underwear, bras, tights or shoes. Keep in mind that we will be providing 2-4 costumes per student per class throughout multiple performance opportunities throughout the season.  Fusion2 Dance Company costumes will be billed separately and will be sourced per performer.  Fusion2 Dance Company Costumes will be yours to keep or sell back to us at the end of the season.

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